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Your Week in Brews

Your Week in Brews

Guess what? It's Oktoberfest time! The official festival may be postponed this year but its spirit lives on... German beers are taking over our taps at both shops; St Albans this Saturday 25th Sep and Hitchin next Saturday 2nd Oct.
At St Albans this weekend we're spanning traditional German styles and modern hoppy options, with some extra continental bits for variety's sake!
🇩🇪 Germany 🇩🇪
FrauGruber Covered In Sunshine 4.5% Session IPA | Fuerst Wiacek Over The Moon 6.8% NEIPA | Fuerst Wiacek Doozy 6.8% NEIPA | Tegernsee Hell 4.8% Helles Lager | Jacob Weissbier 5.3% Hefeweisse | Krug-Bräu Lager 5% Dunkel | SpatenOktoberfestbier 5.9% Festbier Lager
🇪🇺 Continental 🇪🇺
Cantillon Kriek 100% Lambic Bio | De La Senne Taras Boulba 4.5% Belgian Pale Ale | Lervig Easy 4.5% APA | Lervig Perler For Svin 6.3%
🍻 Stay tuned next week for Hitchin's Oktoberfest lineup. 🍻
Hot Drops & Hype Tins

Starting off the round-up of speedy slinging tins are the hoppy, the opaque, and the murky. Hopefully things don’t get ugly, but here's the list of Brooklyn, NY's OTHER HALF tins arriving end of this week 🙌.

Cream Get The Honey 6% honey NEIPA

Double Dry Hopped Dream In Green 6.2% 1/2 oat NEIPA

Thank You For Juicing! 8.3% NEDIPA

Tremendous Cream 10% NETIPA

Double Dry Hopped All Green Everything 10.5% NETIPA

Triple Motueka Daydream 10.5% oatcream NETIPA

Take a beer retailers word, if Triple Motueka Daydream is anything like Triple Citra Daydream of a couple months ago - this might just be your hoppy beer of the year!

Cloudwater are rolling with a Citra, Belma combo in A Whole Being 5% NEPA & Howling Hops are also trying out a new recipe with Parlour Games 6.2% NEIPA and have rebrewed Gliding Home DDH pale.

Pressure Drop has rebrewed Karate, Even Robots Dream, Wu Gang Chops The Tree, & devised a new entry, All In Favour 6.8% NEIPA hopped with HBC 586, Mosaic & Ekuanot.

Polly’s are the next in line to try out Yakima Chief’s HBC 630 in their 5.5% single hop DDH pale ale, EXP 630. Definitely a promising concept for feeling out the distinct raspberry aroma profile in a familiar juicy package. They’ve also released Smooth Groove 6.1% NEIPA offering a slightly more bitter take on haze from a solid Amarillo whirlpool.

After getting in some Glasshouse a fortnight ago, we’re ready for the next wave. Supposed To Be So Easy 3.2% table pale ale, NZ 5.4% New Zealand pale ale, Sakura 6.3% NEIPA, & a new version of Deep Seeded 09/21 6% fruited pale. All hitting the fridges at the end of this week.

With some anticipation, Duration Brewing are throwing their hat into the Oktoberfest ring with Harvest Bier 5.5% märzen - and whilst we’re on the lagers, their Cuttin’ Grass 4.5% Italian pilsner is back and might be the perfect way to enjoy the last of this year’s afternoon sun.

A trio of Villages Brewery tins are making their way in too; the first to mention being the obligatory time of year festbier, Party Zeit5.8% strong traditional German style lager, Smoky 5.2% smoked schwarzbier, & Snorkel 6.5% single hop Cashmere NEIPA with tweaked method.

Pastore Brewing & Blending have also released a sour in collaboration with Neon Raptor Brewing Co and it sounds typically ridiculous. Colazione Abbondante is a 7% breakfast pastry sour that has thrown all the ingredients of a good muesli into the mash, topped off with oat milk and then conditioned on a load of berry fruit.

And of course, on a week when we’re getting a breakfast sour, a second was bound to come along - from Brick Brewery in this case; In Nonsense Is Strength, clocking in at 4% with a liberal use of granola ingredients, tayberry, honeyberry & cinnamon.

Continental bottles

Giesinger Bräu Untergiesinger Erhellung 5.3% unfined helles lager is one of a few new German bottles arriving this week alongside original Kuchlbauer Weisse 5.2% hefeweizen (a name that might be familiar to anyone who has tried the visually striking Turmweisse) and some more restocks of Austria's Steigl towards the end of the week.

We are otherwise re-stocking some favourites. St GeorgenBräuPilsner 4.9% German pils is coming back in to quench thirsts for anybody who likes it hoppy and crisp, Leikheim Steinbier covers almost the opposite preferences with the breadiest bottom fermented beer imaginable, and nearly everyone has heard of Ayinger 5.8% dunkelweizen Urweisse and it nearly always sells out in a flash!

Cellar stock & wilds

Cloudwater are keeping the pub cocktail series rolling with Going Further a 7% blend of port barrel aged helles bock and an Oliver’s cider fermented in a bourbon barrel for half a year, with some lemon juice added to the mix for a little extra zing.

New Æblerov bottles are also incoming again - and frankly as fascinatingly niche as ever! Hyper Cider 6.2% is another cider beer blend but the recipe happens to include a maceration on Rondo grapes & lilac flowers whilst the saison is a truly mixed-ferm, having been brewed in the cidery. Warm’Up 2020 6.4% is also a hybrid that takes the route of conditioning on grapes, Danish Regent specifically, and is using sour beer from collaborator To Øl Natur for purposes of blending. Tutti Frutti 2020 6% is, by comparison, a straight forward cider made largely on Rød Aroma apples but with additions of pears, quince, lots of berry fruits, grapes and elderflower. I Hækken 40% is clearly no longer a cider and is part of the rare distillations Æblerov dabble in - in this case however, the spirit was distilled from a cider and then blended with a BA cider and fresh juices to suppress an initially frightening alcohol content. Keep an eye out for these arriving Thursday 23rd.

There's new bits in the natty wines selection too. A Los Vinateros Bravos with a couple of reds made from grapes harvested from mountainous volcanic Chilean soil, Hombre En Llamas Carignan 2019 & Las Curvas Cinsault 2019.

We’ve also a couple of new orange wines, one from Austrian winemakers Martin & Anna Arndorfer - Schlehe Amber Wine 2020made with a blend of Gruner Veltliner & Neuburger grapes that produce a stone fruity, lightly peppery, easy drinker; Judith Beck’s Traminer 2020 on the other hand offers something a little lighter, floral, and still tannic but less so.


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